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Durban Jane - Eau de Parfum

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Enveloping and comforting, containing warm hints of sandalwood, orris, and ambrette with an unexpected and mischievous nuttiness. Fresh autumn woods, bright playful bursts of resins. Cocoon-like feelings of home.
Durban Jane represents our deep connection to a sense of place — and the duality and brilliance that lives within us. Its warmth and dimensionality evokes feelings of peace, optimism, humor and togetherness.

  • Top Notes: Pink pepper, ambrette
  • Middle Notes: Orange flower, orris, labdanum
  • Base Notes: Cedarwood, sandalwood
  • Perfumer: Celine Barel

Durban Jane - Eau de Parfum | Maison d'Etto | AEDES.COM
Durban Jane - Eau de Parfum Sale price$ 7.00