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East - Eau de Parfum

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Of all the five senses, none has the power to transport us quite like scent. Every now and again, it’ll hit you: a stranger’s perfume reminding you of a long-lost love, the smell of the sea taking us back to holidays past.

One aroma that always takes us to a different place is that of Oud, the rare and mysterious oil that comes from the core of the aquilaria tree. Oud is an aroma that invokes the Middle East, a place with its own idiosyncratic set of smells and flavors. 

So, in tribute to travel and Oud, Akro created EAST, perhaps the strongest and most unique of all the Akro ranges. 

EAST is a fragrance that’ll transport you to those grand deserts and energetic street markets whenever you’re dreaming of somewhere far away.


  • Top Notes: Raspberry
  • Middle Notes: Oud Assafi, leather
  • Base Notes: Ambrox


Akro is the brainchild of three very distinct personalities, who have crossed cities, disciplines and mindsets to create a unique fragrance brand - one which was birthed in the age of instant gratification, but rooted in the traditions of artisan perfumery. It all started a few years back, when young West Londoners Jack Miskelly and Anaïs Cresp met whilst working the bars and pubs of Ladbroke Grove. They spent many a heady night together; pouring drinks, laughing with the locals, accepting drinks as tips and soaking in the different beats, sounds and dialects of the area, before eventually falling for each other. Jack and Anaïs then spent a lost summer together, partying across Paris and London, indulging in everything those cities had to offer and constantly talking about their dreams and ideas for the future.
Eventually, all those late night cigarette chats led to something constructive: the idea of bottling our addictions. The world of perfumery was one Anaïs knew well. Her father, Oliver Cresp, is one of the world's foremost practitioners of the art - the man behind some of the most well-known fragrances on the planet. Together the three of them began to share ideas, stories and eventually scents. Soon enough, Akro was born. When it came to the decision of where to base Akro, there was only one choice: Ladbroke Grove, the place where it all began - the home of Trellick Tower, Portobello Market, Honest Jon’s, a hundred pirate radio stations, a thousand hookah pipes, Joe Strummer, AJ Tracey, the characters of Martin Amis, those grand old Irish pubs on the high street and the omnipresent buzz of the Westway. Every day, Akro finds inspiration in the streets in the world around us, in the streets of W10, in our everyday addictions and the dreams we hold close to ourselves.
East - Eau de Parfum | Akro | AEDES.COM
East - Eau de Parfum Sale price$ 250.00