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Escentric 02 - Eau de Toilette

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Sale price$ 160.00

Escentric 02 uses an unparalleled concentration of ambroxan, in combination with vetiver and muscone, a particularly gorgeous nature-identical musk.

Orris, elderflower extract and hedione lead into the instant effervescence of the topnote, again, a fresh mineral effect. Schoen free-associates: Gin and tonic, the whiff that you get when you first open a brand-new Apple laptop.

It's a clear, clean scent, but it dries down to something warm, sexy and elusive. If the Escentric Molecules repertoire has a hint of paradox at its heart, you might say, in this case, that Escentric 02 has a haunting sparkle.

  • Perfumer: Geza Schoen
  • Created: 2006
Escentric 02 | Escentric Molecules Collection |
Escentric 02 - Eau de Toilette Sale price$ 160.00