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For Your Love - Eau de Parfum

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The scent of another: For your love is about taking risks. Imagine the scent of a kiss, with all the olfactory sensations that you experience in that fraction of second as you approach the other person.

The intimacy of skin, the warm musk of the neck at the hairline and the fruity, powdery fragrance of lipstick. It’s all there. Through notes of raspberry that evoke make-up, Exaltone© with its strangely human scent and the carnal pleasure of Cachalox© that is so close to ambergris.

Finally, for the sensuality of skin touching skin in a gentle caress, benzoin and patchouli add their depth and sweetness. 

In olden days, they wore musk to indicate that they were looking for a lover and a good lover was said to be “as sharp as amber”, meaning they were gifted with great insight.

A note from the perfumer Alberto Morillas: 

“This creation should be thought of as a statement by the perfumer, as we never create for ourselves, only for others. It is also a kind of olfactory game between the tenderness and pleasure two people can share. I like the idea of fun in wearing the same perfume. Therefore, it is just as enticing on a man’s or a woman’s skin.

-Top Notes: Raspberry, Exaltone

-Middle Notes: Cachalox

-Base Notes: Benzoin, patchouli


For Your Love - Eau de Parfum 3.4oz by Mizensir
For Your Love - Eau de Parfum Sale price$ 5.00