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Honoré - Eau de Parfum

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Honoré is an exquisite multi-dimensional perfume comprised of light citrus and mugwort, aromatic and floral notes from Grasse, delightful wood and musk accords. This perfume is utterly fantastic for woman and man, and is a warm, noble perfume.

Delightful jasmine, abundant and revered in Grasse, discreetly graces the heart note, layered with green wood and a bouquet of aromatics, among which clary sage from the Mediterranean basin. This is not a floral perfume, and the careful use of jasmine only adds a uniqe dimension to this unique fragrance. The base note artfully blends noble wood with noble resinous components and a white musk accord. Honoré is sophisticated, multi-dimensional and warm, and cannot be compared to any other scent -a rare feat!

As for each of our fragrances, we invite you to close your eyes, clear your mind, forget about olfactory pyramids, and immerse yourself with this wonderful scent and create your very own personal interpretation of Honoré and new memories.

Honoré - Eau de Parfum | Parfums 06130
Honoré - Eau de Parfum Sale price$ 5.00