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Iri_del - Eau de Parfum

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Iris Aldehyde

With its cucumber-cool, earthy, slightly skin-like facets contrasting with bright, clean, lined-dried linen effects, this modern, powerful organic compound comes as close as you can get to orris butter without tearing an iris field out by its roots and waiting six years for it to yield its fragrance.

The Scent: Urban Iris

In iri_del, Patricia Choux gives iris a contemporary twist by blowing off its aristocratic powdered wig and dressing it up in a slim, sharply-tailored suit.

Bolstered by iris concrete and irone alpha (the main molecule of the natural ingredient), the iris accord is stretched over an angular structure of crackling woody-ambery notes. Bergamot and ambrette – a vegetal musk with crystalline rose, pear and iris facets – shed their radiance on the trim, dry blend. 

This is iris gone urban: spare, fierce and sexy.

Iri_del | Nomenclature New York Collection |
Iri_del - Eau de Parfum Sale price$ 185.00