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Molecule 01 + Iris - Eau de Toilette

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Now Molecule 01 gets a plus one. In three iterations, it is paired with a single scent ingredient. 

In 2006, Escentric Molecules launched Molecule 01, a single aroma-molecule in a bottle. The molecule was Iso E Super, an abstract synthetic created in a lab at IFF. “Molecule 01 is an exceptional molecule: radiant, velvety, cocooning. There’s nothing else like it, people find it irresistible. It’s mysteriously effective on its own as Molecule 01, it’s great in a fragrance as in Escentric 01. But recently I started to wonder if there might be another way to play with it. What if I could take the molecule and add just one other beautiful ingredient and see how they danced together in the bottle? That’s Molecule +.”

Iso E Super + Iris

“It’s not easy to describe iris’ smell as such, but if you smell a fragrance without it, and then with it, you understand immediately what it does. It adds a creamy powderiness. It brings a physical dimension to a fragrance. Every Escentric fragrance has an iris note somewhere in there. Iris is luxury. The iris pallida absolue used in this fragrance is one of the most expensive ingredients in perfumery.

A fragrance with a fantastic sillage.  

Molecule 01 + Iris - Eau de Toilette
Molecule 01 + Iris - Eau de Toilette Sale price$ 170.00