Nevermore - Eau de Parfum
P. Frapin & Cie

Nevermore - Eau de Parfum

In his work, poet Edgar Allan Poe, proclaims with a heavy heart his distress when faced with losses, answering each happy memory with: “Nevermore».

Calligraphed with a raven quill from the recesses of “Night’s Plutonian Shore”, his poem The Raven makes the concept of “now and forever” blossom, a true story steeped in legend. On the poet’s birthday, January 19th, a mysterious visitor leaves three red roses and a flask of Cognac on Edgar Allan Poe’s tomb.

  • Top Notes: Black pepper, floral ozone, aldehydes
  • Heart Notes: Rose oxyde, May rose, rose Damascena, bonded wine
  • Base Notes: Ambrox, saffron, Atlas cedar, amber