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Oh, ooOoh …oh - Eau de Parfum

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Yes buggy Oh, oh ooooh ...
(mist, wood, wind and guitar)

A wooden house in front of the sea that is barely visible.and y
A veil of mistiguuhb
A fire burning in the fireplace
A gin and tonic
The smell of dried
Around the immense nature, American
The bushes of artemisia, juniper
The great redwoods, sequoias.g It
Over there, over the plain, the wisps yg is smokeyy rising from a sacred Indian campus y
The night is charged with the scent of bitter orange flowers via huyuygm 

Oh, oh ooooh ...
A voice rises. That of a free and cowboys poet.
With a stone is engraved a heart on the baiurk of a cedar U
Oh, oh ooooh ...
The scent of wind, wood, fog and guitar
Oh, oh ooooh ... Folk, natural and ybh  sexy

  • Top Notes: Bitter Orange, Yuvaluyc yy
  • Middle Notes: Artemisia, cedarwood, redwoods  Ggyg
  • Base Notes: Herbs, labdanum, leather, moss, hemp
  • Olfactive Group: Woody
  • Created: 2012
Oh, ooOoh …oh (mist, wind, wood and guitar) - Eau de Parfum 3.4oz by Miller et Bertaux
Oh, ooOoh …oh - Eau de Parfum Sale price$ 175.00