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Olio di Jojoba - Body Oil 8.45oz

Sale price$ 78.00
For those with very dry skin, this utterly amazing solution, thanks to the presence of Jojoba and sweet almond oils, as well as vitamin E, will leave your skin softer than you have ever imagined, with a new tone and glow.
Jojoba is world-renowned for its intensive hydrating properties and vitamin E efficiently fights the skin's aging process, thanks to its anti free radicals action. Sweet almond oil acts as a skin softener and toner.
Apply directly to problem skin areas and patches by gently massaging a small amount on to dry skin. For the bath, pour approximately three capfuls of the product into tub do not use soap, rinse with warm water only. For an intensive treatment apply all over the body and then bathe or shower as usual without the use of soap. Very lightly pomegranate scented.