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palmetto - Eau de Parfum

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palmetto | Modern Eclectics
jungle plant soul

Feathered fronds.
Heated abundance.
A vertical landscape.
The breeze in your hair.
Moving on and up.

A new point of view. Sky-high lethargic palms swung by hot winds. A hand slicing through tall grass. The calm that comes by looking down from above.

Modern Eclectics’ palmetto captures the soul of a palm. It is less of an ideal and more of a complete picture: lush leaves, slender trunk, earthly roots; each element emitting its own aroma tinged with fruits and flowers and earth. Dry galbanum and crisp amber are balanced by fig cream, spicy angelica seeds and sichuan pepper. This is a green spicy scent with the power to create its own atmosphere.

Notes: Galbanum, lemon, angelica seeds, fig cream, jasmine petals, crisp amber, sichuan pepper, musk nectar

palmetto - Eau de Parfum 75ml  | Nomenclature Modern Eclectics | AEDES.COM
palmetto - Eau de Parfum Sale price$ 175.00