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Premier Figuier - Eau de Toilette

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An award winning fragrance! Why Premier? Because it is the very first perfume based on the fig theme! Green like its sweet-smelling leaves, milky like the sap of the tree, fruity like the soft flesh of the fig; woody like its branches and trunk…It is unique as it conjures up an image of the entire tree.

As surprising as a first kiss, as caressing as shadows on a bright, sunny day, Premier Figuier has captured, in its bottle, a whole host of summer memories… exactly under the fig tree!

  • Top Notes: Fig leaf
  • Middle Notes:  Fig, sandalwood, almond milk
  • Base Notes: Lime, dried fruits, coconut
  • Olfactive Group: Green / Fruity
  • Perfumer: Olivia Giacobetti
  • Created: 1994
Premier Figuier | L'Artisan Parfumeur Collection |
Premier Figuier - Eau de Toilette Sale price$ 200.00