Pure Rose - Beauty Moisturizing Mist Freshener
JK7 Luxurious Natural Skin Care

Pure Rose - Beauty Moisturizing Mist Freshener

It’s time to add the JK7® Beauty Moisturizing Mist Pure Rose to your beauty routine. This aromatherapy spray with pure organic Rose Oil, balances both your skin and your senses. Vitamins and Fruit Extracts help to tone, clear, and refine pores, giving your skin a quick lift.

This natural aromatherapy spray is excellent for dry and mature skin. It’s made with Organic Pure Rose Oil to balance both the skin and the senses. It tones, clears, and refines pores giving your skin a quick lift. The JK7® Beauty Mist is especially refreshing in hot, humid, or dry weather. Romantics will love it! Ideal for use with facial treatments at any time.
Divine scent!

In addition to smelling heavenly, JK7® Mist Pure Rose has powerful refreshing and relaxing effects on your body. It hydrates your skin and balances your skin tone. Hyaluronic Acid from Silver Ear Mushroom hydrates and provides the look of fullness, associated with youthful skin.

JK7® utilizes only the highest quality, pure, organic or wild crafted Essential Oils. They are featured in their highly concentrated forms in order to deliver the maximum, pharmaceutical grade benefit to your skin and body.