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Four Corners Collection - Tsarina No. 3 - Candle 9.9oz

Sale price$ 110.00

The “Four Corners of the Earth” collection pays homage to different parts of the world that were inspired by the rich diversity of Ormonde Jaynes, London location.

This extraordinary cosmopolitan and ever-changing city is the epicentre - a crossroads from whence diversity can be experienced on every corner. From this global village, Ormonde Jayne celebrates “The Four Corners of the Earth”

Tsarina - Russia. Soft oriental resins.

Ormonde Jayne, a London based perfume house, not only renowned for the perfume but also for the high quality of candle making. The candles have consistently been ranked at the very top end of the market.

Using the finest oils and a secret ingredient to slow the burn down, these candles are designed to fill the air with a sophisticated scent. Each candle is developed over a period of months in Jayne Ormond's London studio and is tested until perfect, paying particular attention to the correct wick size and oil concentration, so to obtain an even and scent filled burn.