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wood dew - Eau de Parfum

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wood dew | Modern Eclectics
forest shower drops

Naked in autumn.
Been inside for too long.
Tree tops and bare bark.
Nymph vibes.
Grounding energy, but just for a minute.

Stepping into the forest after the rain. The wood is wet, but the air has dried. There is hope and there is slumber, both on the horizon. There’s still time to touch the earth.

Modern Eclectics’ wood dew captures a moment in time when the loud blooms are long gone. What’s left is not as colorful, yet it still pulses with life. A clearing of soft, fragrant Australian sandalwood and palo santo form this forest. A crisp air comes from Asian pear. Peach nectar, Turkish rose, and white musk allow this woody floral a
soft landing that welcomes those who wish to ground.

Notes: Australian sandalwood, palo santo, white musks, Asian pear, peony, peach nectar, matcha tea, dewy violet, Turkish rose.

wood dew - Eau de Parfum | Nomenclature Modern Eclectics 75ml | AEDES.COM
wood dew - Eau de Parfum Sale price$ 175.00