Amnesia Rose EdP Aedes de Venustas 100ml Quick shop
Amnesia Rose EdP Aedes de Venustas 100ml
Amnesia Rose EdP Aedes de Venustas 100ml
Amnesia Rose - Eau de Parfum 3.4oz  Aedes de Venustas
Amnesia Rose - Eau de Parfum 3.4oz  Aedes de Venustas
Amnesia Rose EdP Aedes de Venustas still life

Amnesia Rose - Eau de Parfum

$ 5.00

A sparkling and saturated spicy floral that pierces at a voluminous roundness that is evident on skin. It is a liquid that smells as though it’s been drenched with saffron and patchouli-edged petals, in a palette that veers out of fresh rose territory into a vintage, like blowing dust off a fine red wine. 

Its first inhalation captures a moment just after twilight on a languid late fall evening, when the swing of a door brings a waft from a bouquet that breaks up stagnant air. This rose is not a deep red or a pale pink but a pastel purple so pale it is almost gray. Its petal edges are just beginning to curl, tilting open, with a fullness that mimics the shape of a bulbous tea cup, filled with rich spice and hunks of rare wood. 

Its composition was inspired by the still life aesthetic of AEDES PERFUMERY, a place in New York City’s Lower East Side where abundant arrangements spill out of plump vases alongside feathered taxidermy and vintage fabrics. There is incense in the air and likely a blotter under your nose. The name comes from a rose varietal grown in France. While its smell is faint, its visual conjures a vintage look and feel that’s been translated into AMNESIA ROSE. 

Perfumer Luca Maffei spent years capturing the essence of the perfumery in a bottle, lending peppery and mysterious tones over time, and being sure to create something that worked on anyone’s skin. “This is an intense rose, whose personality never fades away and mostly, never goes unnoticed,” says Maffei. To create a sustained bloom with wooded spice, he contrasted Moroccan rose absolute and Bulgarian rose essence with cypriol oil, saffron and the succulent shrub bushman’s candle. A fizzy pink pepper can be smelled right away; but the initial sparkle of AMNESIA ROSE is soon replaced by a satin density that carries through to meet a dry, earthy cushion of labdanum, patchouli, and oud. 

AEDES DE VENUSTAS AMNESIA ROSE comes in a fluted glass bottle marked by peacock blue accents, a matte black insignia-stamped cap, and a sleek yet weighty design. As Bradl says, “It’s a rose for everyone.” 

Notes: Moroccan rose absolute, Bulgarian rose, bushman’s candle, saffron, cipryol, labdanum, pink pepper CO2, white incense, patchouli, benzoin, clearwood, oud.

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Black Jade - EdP by Lubin Quick shop
Black Jade - EdP by Lubin

Black Jade - Eau de Parfum

$ 5.00

In 1784, 10-year-old Pierre François Lubin became the apprentice of Tombarelli, a master perfumer of Grasse, in the south of France. Some years later, he came to Paris to complete his apprenticeship in the prestigious workshop of Fargeon, perfumer to the Royal Court. His ambition was subsequently to join the corporation of perfumers founded in the 15th century. 

The latter enjoyed growing prestige at the time, for since the reign of Louis XIV, hygiene had been making great progress at Versailles. The use of soaps, perfumes and cosmetics gradually became entrenched. The queen’s perfumer Fargeon was therefore a familiar face at the Royal Palace of Versailles, where he regularly brought his preparations to Queen Marie Antoinette.

The 18th century saw the awakening of a philosophical and political consciousness that gave the period its name of the “Age of Enlightenment”. Monarchy and the absolute power exercised by the sovereign were increasingly subject to criticism. These ideas spread to the people, and in 1789 royal power gave way to popular uprisings and was replaced by a revolutionary assembly elected by all, where the most radical elements eventually dominated. Under increasing attack, the royal family was finally imprisoned in the Tuileries castle in Paris, while war threatened at the borders.

Amidst this revolutionary Paris, Master Perfumer Fargeon remained loyal to Queen Marie Antoinette and continued to supply her with his preparations. One of these was his “eau de toilette”, an alcohol-based infusion that the queen applied to her skin during her morning ablutions to maintain the fresh complexion that caused so much envy at court. The young apprentice Lubin carefully copied his master’s formulae: he would remember them when he set up his own shop in rue Sainte Anne a few years later in 1798, and launched the famous “eau de toilette” that established his reputation. Marie Antoinette’s daughter, Marie Thérèse of France, who had become the duchess of Angoulême, quickly adopted it after her return from exile in 1815, and in turn appointed Lubin as “supplier to the Duke of Angoulême”

But the young Lubin was also interested in a mysterious perfume that the queen had ordered from Jean Louis Fargeon during the creation of the Trianon gardens, her private domain. The roses in the recipe of course evoked the flower garden, and are combined with jasmine from Grasse, but the use of spices and noble wood imported from distant lands, those that inspired the motifs of the wall decorations at Versailles, gave it more exotic tones. Precious patchouli and sandalwood, vanilla and cinnamon, coriander and cardamom, frankincense and galbanum were brought from India and French islands beyond the seas. With these ingredients, the initially cool floral fragrance became mellow and warm on the queen’s skin. It leaves a discreet trace with notes of amber, elegant and sensual. The queen took it everywhere in a small flask of black jade that protected it from daylight.

In the house of Lubin, the once lost but now resuscitated fragrance for a long time bore the name of “jardin secret”, until the 1930s, without any explicit reference ever being made to its origin. We have now restored its name of the time, “black jade”, the one brought to us by a close friend to whom the queen gave the black flask with its nostalgic whiffs when they parted for the last time. It held the “secret garden” of a queen, the memory of her happy days, of spring evenings in the intimacy of the Petit Trianon, at Versailles, but far from the pomp of the court.

A black jade bottle held the last remaining scents of a secret garden. The discovery of its formula, copied by an indiscreet apprentice, revealed its mysteries. It belonged to a queen in the Trianon rose gardens, far from the splendors of the Court, before the turmoil of history was unleashed. Entrusted to a noblewoman and very dear friend, it has come down to us through the ages to be reborn today. Galbanum, bergamot and cardamom provide a fresh prelude to the rose and jasmine heart notes, enhanced by a hint of incense and cinnamon. The amber base, anchored in exotic woods, Indian sandalwood and patchouli, is arrayed in vanilla and Tonka bean.

  • Top Notes: Galbanum, bergamot, cardamom
  • Middle Notes:  Rose, jasmin, incense, cinnamon
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, tonka bean, amber
  • Olfactive Group: Floral
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Rosa Novella - Acqua di Colonia Quick shop
Rosa Novella - Acqua di Colonia
Santa Maria Novella

Rosa Novella - Acqua di Colonia

$ 5.00

A fragrance reminiscent of Santa Maria Novella's garden in the month of May. A blend of citrus flowers mingle with sweet notes of rose and white flowers. Sprinkles of oregano and pepper give way to a mossy base of cedarwood and musk .

An olfactory portrait of spring awakening in the Tuscany.

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Rose Water | Santa Maria Novella Collection | Quick shop
Rose Water | Santa Maria Novella Collection |
Santa Maria Novella

Acqua di Rose - Rose Water

$ 35.00

One of Santa Maria Novella's Signature products.

An original recipe, this refreshing alcohol-free potion famous for its antiseptic, purifying and anti-oxidant properties, reduces puffiness under the eyes, protects the skin against aggressive environmental elements and relieves tired, aching muscles in the bath.

Rose water is a natural moisturizer and has a claming effect after periods of exposure to the sun. Splash on abundantly. Use for temporary relief from migraines by soaking a clean wash cloth in rose water and placing it over eyes and nose - breathe in vapors. Use rose water to wipe away any residue from make-up removal or extra sunscreen on face.

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Aedes Floral Gift Wrap | Aedes Perfumery | Quick shop
Aedes Floral Gift Wrap | Aedes Perfumery |

Aedes Floral Gift Wrap

$ 29.50

Give your gift the ultimate touch: Aedes' signature floral giftwrap! Our luxurious, black gift boxes are embossed with the AEDES gold leaf logo, wrapped in satin ribbon and embellished with a fresh flower arrangement. 

  • Flowers may vary according to Season.
  • To ensure the freshness of flowers please use Next Day Delivery Service when checking out.
  • If the gift recipient is located in Manhattan you can choose UBER Rush Service. 
  • We are not able to ship the floral gift wrap via Ground Delivery unless the recipient is within the Tri-State New York area.
For multiple gift wraps please select the according amount.

Please specify the product which you would like to have the gift wrap correspond to in the comment box when checking out.
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Aedes Gift Wrap | Aedes Perfumery | Quick shop
Aedes Gift Wrap | Aedes Perfumery |

Aedes Gift Wrap

$ 6.50

Our luxurious, black giftboxes are embossed with the AEDES gold-leaf logo and wrapped in beautiful satin ribbon.

For multiple gift wraps please select the according amount.

Please specify the product which you would like to have the gift wrap correspond to at the comment box when checking out.



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Aedes Gift Card | Aedes Perfumery | Quick shop
Aedes Gift Card | Aedes Perfumery |

Aedes Digital Gift Card

$ 50.00

DIGITAL GIFT CARD.  WILL BE E-MAILED! You can print and give along.  If you wish to have a physical gift card sent to you in the mail please call 1-888-AEDES-15

Please choose gift card amount from the drop-down menu.

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with our digital AEDES gift card.

Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout.

The gift card number can be used online or in-store.



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Fleur Burlesque - Eau de Parfum 3.4oz by Vilhelm Parfumerie Quick shop
Fleur Burlesque - Eau de Parfum 3.4oz by Vilhelm Parfumerie
Fleur Burlesque - Eau de Parfum 3.4oz by Vilhelm Parfumerie
Fleur Burlesque - Eau de Parfum 50ML VILHELM PARFUMERIE
Fleur Burlesque | Vilhelm Parfumerie | Still Life
Vilhelm Parfumerie

Fleur Burlesque - Eau de Parfum

$ 5.00


Tantalizingly alive in the spotlight of the Moulin Rouge, enchantingly aglow in Maxim’s soft candlelight, she is the exquisite and unflinching feminine spirit of the Belle Époque. Her sillage? An unmistakable hint of gardenia and jasmine, sandalwood and amber.

  • Top Notes: Gardenia, jasmine
  • Middle Notes: Sandalwood
  • Base Notes: Amber
  • Olfactive Group: Floral Oriental
  • Perfumer: Jerome Epinette
  • Created: 2015


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Wax Tablets (Rose) for Closets or Drawers  - Set of Two Quick shop
Wax Tablets (Rose) for Closets or Drawers  - Set of Two
Santa Maria Novella

Wax Tablets (Rose) for Closets or Drawers - Set of Two

$ 38.00

100% organic beeswax from Santa Maria Novella's bee farm is used in these wonderfully rose scented tablets which can be used for your closets and drawers or simply left out in an open space to scent the air.
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Rosa Frescas - Eau de Parfum 3.4oz by Coqui Coqui Quick shop
Rosa Frescas - Eau de Parfum 3.4oz by Coqui Coqui
Coqui Coqui

Rosas Frescas - Eau de Parfum

$ 4.00

Fresh Roses

The lively Rosas Frescas scent celebrates the sweet, chic, innocence of living in the moment. The fresh, naïve, dewy scent of red rose petals, uplifting and energetic in its pure positivity, is combined with a twist of citric lemon for an expression of modern sophistication.

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Shanti Shanti  - Eau de Parfum 3.4oz by Miller et Bertaux Quick shop
Shanti Shanti  - Eau de Parfum 3.4oz by Miller et Bertaux
Miller et Bertaux

Shanti Shanti - Eau de Parfum

$ 5.00

Find inner peace with Miller et Bertaux's latest release Shanti Shanti. Bulgarian rose petals awaken your senses in this sparkling Eau de Parfum. The soft note of iris extract is juxtaposed with warm spices of cardamom, patchouli and Indian sandalwood.

  • Top Notes: Geranium, cardamom, rose
  • Middle Notes: Saffron, iris
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, patchouli, cedar
  • Olfactive Group: Oriental
  • Created: 2008
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Catene - Candle 10.5oz by Fornasetti Quick shop
Catene - Candle 10.5oz by Fornasetti
Fornasetti Profumi

Catene - Candle 10.5oz

$ 230.00

Infuse your home with the luxe charms of Fornasetti with the Chiavi scented candle - housed in a distinctive ceramic vessel.

Piero Fornasetti’s printed the ‘Catene’ pattern for the first time in 1946 (which predates his discovery of 19th century opera singer Lina Cavalieri’s face btw), and the detailed, classic, cartoonish print sums up the designer’s style nicely.
Fornasetti combines this marvellous chain pattern (‘catene’ being Italian for chains’) with the Otto fragrance, a mix of wild and aromatic Mediterranean herbs and the earthy scents of pine sap, samphire and ambergris.

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